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Because humans spend 93 percent of their time indoors, the environment in which they work must be beneficial to their productivity and mental health. The type of flooring at a workspace can significantly impact how people feel about their job and where they do it.

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Flooring in reno

Flooring in Reno

Flooring in Reno

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is selecting an untrained person to repair their floor, Flooring in Reno explains. “Frequently, a customer is unaware that the repairer may not have used the proper wood to patch up the floor, and the patch no longer matches the rest. When sanding or restoring older flooring with embellishments, a bit more delicacy is required.

Borders and inlays with descriptive names such as "double ribbon," "Greek key," and "Celtic knot." Examples of craftsmanship and artistry include parquet floors with geometric patterns made from tiny, hand-cut pieces of wood tacked to the sub-floor with minute nails that are hard to find today.
We recount, "One of the most challenging jobs I have worked on was a parquet floor with an ornate border." The wood was fragile, about 5/16 of an inch thick, and the border had to be precisely restored to match the original floor.”


In the 1950s, homeowners wanted modern-looking homes, so they typically covered old-style wide planks with wall-to-wall carpeting or new flooring, which they regarded "old fashioned." The smaller 2-inch planks would be used to protect the previous floors. Today, homeowners will ask us to remove the new floor and replace it with the original, restoring the historic charm of their home. In some cases, the original floor has been hidden beneath carpeting for decades, and when the carpeting is removed, the homeowners are greeted with a stunning floor. Old or recovered wood is frequently sourced from old factories, barns, warehouses, and modernized dwellings for home renovations.

Long-leaf pine, hemlock, chestnut, maple, and oak are the most popular reclaimed woods. We utilize milled and kiln-dried recycled wood planks that are ready for sanding and staining. The plank’s width and length determine the price of wood flooring. Because these sizes are difficult to come by, walnut or white oak board that is wider and longer may cost more.

It is critical to employ a certified and skilled contractor, whether you are fixing an old floor or installing a new one. An untrained or unqualified contractor may take shortcuts that compromise the appearance and longevity of your hardwood floor.

Flooring in Reno points out that “subfloor preparation is critical.” “We sand the flooring to make it as level as possible, then apply a liquid moisture barrier — much like a primer,” says the contractor. This will draw moisture out of the plywood and make it more rigid. After that, we have effectively eradicated all squeaks and nails, and we are ready to install the wood floor.”

To maintain hardwood floors looking their best, we recommend utilizing water-based coatings and water-based cleansers. Over-cleaning wood floors or using a polish or wax that builds up is one of the greatest mistakes people make. Wax accumulation should always be remediated professionally.

Placemats outside and just inside your front door, as well as a runner in the front hallway, during inclement weather, put mats in front of the kitchen sink and refrigerator, as well as under your pet's food and water dishes if you have one. These easy guidelines will aid in the protection of your flooring from everyday wear and strain.

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