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You need to have industrial flooring that is durable and scratch-proof and can take heavy loads.

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It’s worth knowing the different types of industrial floors; you will know which floor to pick for your company by having sufficient knowledge.

Kaming your that the operation of the company while doing maintenance on the floors is a struggle. That is it’s essential to invest in your floors. You have to make sure your floors are needed.

Flooring Solutions Reno is going to talk about the various types of industrial floors available in the market right now. You will find out where they are used, their advantages, and their characteristics.

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Some companies opt for industrial floors, but this can have some effects on repair costs because not all industrial floors are the same. Industrial floors often receive maintenance work without halting the work process. At some point, there will be some structural repairs if needed.

Types of Industrial Floors

To identify industrial floors, you need to know the material they originated. After that, each of them will have various finishes and consist of a mixture of minerals separated by mechanical means to the new characteristics of the finished product. Flooring Solutions Reno will enumerate the type of industrial floor.

Concrete Floors

It is very much derived from concrete and is one of the most rigid materials in construction. This is highly used in apartments and buildings, and it is tough and easy to maintain. The types of concrete floor according to finish.

  •   Polished. From looking at it closely, you will notice it is bright; it would seem to have an appearance of a standard floor. Polished concrete is solid and easy to clean.

  •   Floated. This is usually found outdoors, this is located, and this at the entrance due to heavy traffic.

Concrete floors are commonly found in parking lots, warehouses, logistic centers, factories, and other places that enable heavy machines or vehicles.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy resins are often used in art applications but utilized in an industrial field to maximize their potential.

Epoxy floors share the characteristics of concrete and polyurethane when talking about surfaces. Here are some of the characteristics

  •   Waterproof and anti-corrosive, and repellent.

  •   It can be used on hospital floors as a coating.

  •   Electrical insulator.

  •   It can be applied in areas that have humidity is present.

  •   It has a good traction and can withstand heavy objects.

  •   Thermal resistant.

  •    Safe.

Three Types of Epoxy Floors

  •   Non-slip multi-layers

  •   Orange skin

  •   Self-leveling

If you have questions about the application of epoxy, you can get in touch with Epoxy Flooring Reno.

Polyurethane Floors

Often mistaken for a sealant. Polyurethane floors are popular because it is aseptic and waterproof. This means that it can ward off any formation of microorganisms and gathering of dirt. Flooring Solution Reno would like to clarify the purpose of polyurethane floors. This flooring material is also used in department stores, parking lots, gyms, and mechanical workshops because it has the ability to resist impact.

One more thing, polyurethane floors are not intended for outdoors as they will be susceptible to deterioration.

The Bottom Line

You have to take into account the benefits of the types of the industrial floor; also, you need to think about the maintenance issue. Check the materials and finishes before purchasing. This way, you can plan when it comes to the flooring costs. Maintenance is also one of the most significant factors when it comes to industrial flooring. Due to the amount of weight the floor is carrying, it will be subjected to heavy abuse. With the knowledge you have gathered, it’s time to choose a floor that will suit your company’s needs. You can schedule with your flooring technicians then a further assessment will follow.

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