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Linoleum costs less compared to other flooring options and withstands moisture and humidity.

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linoleum Flooring reno

Linoleum Flooring Reno

Linoleum Flooring Tucson - Where Can You Get the Best Linoleum Flooring?

For decades, linoleum has been one of the most popular flooring choices globally, and it has been around longer than most people realize. Although other patterns have superseded it in recent years, this flooring material has been in use since the late 1800s and is still an excellent choice for many reasons. In reality, it is still one of the finest flooring designs for specific rooms, and the newer forms of linoleum available today may surprise you. For this, Linoleum Flooring Tucson can assist you with the germane linoleum flooring for your particular needs.

Is it better to use a Sheet, Tiles, or Planks?

When looking for linoleum flooring, the first thing you should do is choose a style. For decades, buyers had only two choices; now, you may buy planks that are installed like a floating engineered hardwood floor, Flooring Linoleum AZ advises.

  •   Tiles: If you are not a solid color fan, linoleum tiles come in a broader range of styles and patterns. They are also less expensive to install if you do not want to hire a pro. The majority of the tiles are 12" x 12" and are either adhesive-backed or click-lock. The disadvantage is that there will be many seams, which means water will have a better chance of getting through.

  •   Planks: Newer linoleum planks include a click-lock system that snaps together like a giant puzzle with standard-sized boards. This type will provide you additional thickness, but you'll have to deal with seams, which must be sealed exactly like tile. With linoleum planks, your color selections are also limited, and having a layer of underlayment underfoot makes a significant impact.

  •   Sheet: If you are worried about water damage or have a lot of space to work with, sheet linoleum can be the best option. There are not as many seams to deal with because it is usually offered by the roll or square foot. If you are working with new construction, installation is simple, but if you want to utilize sheet linoleum in your home, we strongly advise hiring an expert. 

Thickness: Linoleum Flooring Tucson mentions that thickness is always vital, whether you seek the best bamboo flooring or prefer vinyl. While it is reassuring to know that if you break the skin of linoleum, it will not become an unusual color, thicker flooring feels nicer underfoot and lasts longer.

The thickness of linoleum flooring is measured in millimeters and is one of the first features to check for after deciding on a style. Plank-based linoleum is the thickest, with top, middle, and bottom layers ranging from 8 to 10mm thick. Linoleum is thinner in sheet and tile form, with most top goods averaging 2.5mm in total thickness.

Environmentally friendly: Linoleum is a far more environmentally friendly substance than vinyl. Some flooring producers employ over 80% recycled materials, which is a significant plus if you attempt to be green. Do you want to get LEEDS points? This is a possibility with the greatest linoleum flooring, but sealants, coatings, and adhesives must all be avoided.

With high-quality linoleum goods, you may expect a warranty of roughly ten years on average. That is on the high end, and several brands have affordable lines that last about five years, while others have lifetime warranties. With that in mind, linoleum's lifespan is frequently doubled when properly sealed, cleaned, and polished.

Depending on where you plan to utilize it, you might want to consider a commercial-grade product. Even if you do not receive as many colors, they usually offer more extended guarantees. If you are curious, ambering or darkening is not covered by any warranties, and you will want to check the tiny print on cleaning and maintenance as well, Linoleum Flooring Tucson states.

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There are still more benefits to discover regarding linoleum flooring; that is why when you visit Linoleum Flooring Tucson, we will share more so you can choose wisely. 

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