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Reno Flooring Buying Guide

One of the most expensive home improvement projects to be done is installing a new floor. With a variety of flooring options, it’s hard to make a decision.

You have to take into account the amount budget you will be using in this project. The style will play an essential role in the flooring options but also a good thing to keep an eye out if you have plans to sell your house.

Another thing to remember is how your floor will endure wear and tear, sunlight, and multiple foot traffic. Take the case of engineered wood floors, together with other wood flooring types, compared with vinyl or water-resistant laminate flooring. If we’re talking about durability, then porcelain tile is the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Porcelain tile can imitate the texture and look of wood; however, installing porcelain tile can be labor-intensive and quite expensive. You can visit many Reno flooring stores in your area to choose the type of floor intended for your house. If you’re looking for a Reno Flooring guide, you’re in luck.

How to find the best flooring for your home

Reno flooring always makes sure to compare, evaluate, and test the latest flooring to make your home look stunning.

Floor testing
To better understand the durability of each, we take each 6x6-inch sample and make it in contact with our machine that is fitted with as sandpaper disc. Then we check each floor for wear and tear.

To determine the dent-resistance of each flooring type by dropping heavy objects, blunt objects that simulate saucepans, or a can of soup. We also use small and lighter things with pointed ends to mimic kitchen utensils. The tester will drop the weights starting from a low position to an elevated point. This way, we can determine which floors would have dents of varying sizes.

We also check for fading by leaving the floor samples in ultraviolet lights for two weeks, and compare the exposed part to the unexposed portion of each flooring sample. With the information we collected, we can now determine which floor can be appropriate for sunlight exposure. Reno Flooring is committed to serving our customers.

Types of flooring
Choosing your ideal floor is one of the most decisions to make. You have to think about how much you are willing to spend to achieve the floor of your dreams. You also have to think about durability, wear and tear, and moisture. One thing to keep in mind is every floor type has its pros and cons. If you still can’t decide, then our Reno Flooring staff can help you out with the decision-making process.

Flooring samples
Before buying a, it’s a good idea to buy some floor samples for comparison purposes. You can determine if the floor you want to get matches your entire house.

Traffic patterns
High-traffic areas like the living room and kitchen will help you determine which floor to choose. You also have to think about pets, children, or any factor that contributes to high-traffic areas. Our floor options have been subjected to foot traffic tests. For fewer foot-traffic areas, you have options such as bamboo floors or engineered wood floors for their ease of installation and an organic feeling.

Before installing the floors
Before anything else, please be reminded when installing laminate or wood flooring, you have to take it out of their packing and let it sit for three days. This is to let them acclimate to the temperature and moisture levels in the room. This is to prevent buckling.

If you are planning to install vinyl floors, make sure it has undergone FloorScore certification. Vinyl floors emit VOC ( volatile organic compounds ) but in small quantities. VOC can be hazardous to health and is considered a pollutant. For wood, floorings make sure that they belong to a reputable manufacturer. You can always check the packaging for the manufacturer’s certification.

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