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A waterproof laminate flooring is one of the best floor options for places that are prone to moisture. We can make it happen.

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reno Laminate Flooring

Reno Laminate Flooring

Reno Laminate Flooring
Reno Laminate Flooring

Our team at  Reno Laminate Flooring provides commercial and residential flooring options. Laminate flooring is a layer of a thin sheet with decorative material on top of the particleboard. The laminate floor comes in a wide variety of designs that can imitate the appearance of marble, stone, natural wood, and other expensive flooring options at an affordable price. You can check out Laminate wood flooring NV for alternative possibilities for actual wood.

Remember that budget is also essential as the style when choosing a new flooring option for your home or business. Our expert flooring installers can help out homeowners and business owners pick out flooring options that are well within their budget. An alternative to traditional floorings like hardwood or stone is laminate flooring because of the added durability and cost. In addition, laminate floors can withstand abuse compared to natural flooring materials.

Why install laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring stands out among other flooring options because of its affordability and benefits. It is one of the most practical flooring options out in the market today. Plus, it’s easy to install, meaning you don’t have to wait for a long time for the installation process to be finished. Cleaning the laminate floor is super easy; you just need to sweep or mop the floor, and that’s what you need to make it last longer. Compared to hardwood flooring, it’s easy to care for. Reno Laminate Flooring has a list of reasons why you should get laminate flooring.

  •   Durability. Laminate flooring is more durable, more scratch-resistant, longer-lasting, and impact-resistant as compared to hardwood, carpet, or vinyl due to the laminate flooring’s layer and coating. In addition, it can withstand scratches and high heels.

  •   Moisture, fade, and stain-resistant. Reno Laminate Flooring offers a 25 warranty for moisture damage, stains, and fading. In most cases, manufacturers provide such warranties.

  •   Easy to clean and maintain. The laminate flooring’s coat helps in the cleaning of spills and stains. In addition to the superior stain and moisture-resistant coating, you don’t have to put varnish or wax.

  •   Economical. Other than the laminate floor’s affordability, longevity, and durability are some of the reasons why laminate flooring is a good flooring solution for your residential and commercial flooring.

  •   Variety of designs. If you’re looking for a substitute for hardwood or natural stone, the laminate floor is the optimal choice. Reno Laminate Flooring has countless styles and colors available at our studio. It’s up to you to choose a style that would go well with your style and taste.

Taking care of your laminate flooring

To make sure your laminate floor would last longer, you should know how to take care of it. You have to prevent your floor from getting damaged and accumulating dirt. Make sure you have doormats in your house to make sure that the dirt won’t come inside your house.

Although the laminate floor is water-resistant, excess spills should be cleaned up right away. Laminate flooring is not meant to be soaked in water as it may cause warping. If you want to maintain your laminate flooring, be sure to clean spills right away.

With regular sweeping, you can help prevent scratches from taking place. Laminate flooring has a scratch-resistant coating which is ideal for high-traffic areas in your home or office. In cleaning a laminate floor, always make sure not to use liquid of any kind in cleaning the floor.

The bottom line

Choose a floor that is well within your budget; practicality and functionality should go hand in hand. You can have the appearance of a high-quality floor solution without sacrificing your budget. More importantly, making sure that your floor will last, a little effort is required when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

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